Journey through Time: The Legacy of Shafia India

Dive into the delicious journey of Shafia India’s 100% natural honey experience. Taste the purity, feel the quality, and savor the goodness in every drop. Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 22: Ever wondered what the perfect blend of nature, floral, and quality tastes like? Get ready to redefine your taste buds through the enchanting realm of […]

Most Innovative Business @ Delhi

Issued by Brands Council Ratings · Dec 2022 The title of “Most Innovative Business of the Year” awarded by Brand Council Ratings at The Park Delhi is a prestigious recognition that showcases SHAFIA’s commitment to creativity, originality, and forward-thinking in the business world.

Honey Lemon Dressing

Ingredients Method (Add extra flavor from a touch of lemon zest and pour some honey to balance the taste)

Best Packaging @ Hyderabad

Issued by Hospisource · Sep 2023 Winning awards for packing designs is a testament to SHAFIA’s commitment to excellence and creativity in every aspect of their business, including packaging. By providing award-winning designs, SHAFIA not only showcases their innovative approach but also demonstrates their dedication to delivering a premium experience to their customers.

Best Emerging Brand @ Gandhinagar

Issued by Khadya Khurak · Dec 2023 Winning the “Best Emerging Brand” award for SHAFIA Honey at Khadya Khurak Gandhinagar is a remarkable achievement that underscores the brand’s exceptional performance and potential in the food sector.

Best Product @ SIAL Delhi

Issued By SIAL – Dec 2023 Being recognized as the best product among 350 companies at the SIAL exhibition in Delhi is a remarkable achievement for SHAFIA. This award highlights the exceptional quality, innovation, and appeal of SHAFIA’s product in a highly competitive market.Being recognized as the best product among 350 companies at the SIAL […]

Honey Almond Granola

Honey has versatile use, ranging from kitchen to medicinal uses. It is used in baking, as a natural sweetener, dressings, sauces, cocktails- in all sorts of dishes both savoury & sweet. Instructions

Facts & History You Don’t Know About Natural Honey

Honey or nectar is a sweet fluid made by honey bees utilizing nectar from blossoms. Individuals all through the world have hailed the medical advantages of nectar for millennia.

Raw or pasteurized honey is available in a range of colors. It contains an average of 80%—sugar from Trusted Sources. Honey is bottled directly from the hive, including trace amounts of yeast, wax, or pollen.

There is evidence that raw honey can help with seasonal allergies, and other researchers have found that honey can heal wounds.